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Compactification in String Theory Part I: Motivation

Imaginary Potential

A new attempt to reinvigorate the blog!

Yes, I am aware that I already have two physics related threads that have started and ended at « Part I » (false vacua and string theory). However, I’m really motivated by the introductory explanations. I promise to come back and finish the other ones real soon. But for a while, I’d like to talk about compactification.

A word about the word…I’ve had at least two scientist friends laugh when I’ve said « compactification ». Also, the text editor I’m typing this in thinks its a misspelling. Apparently in all other science fields, the correct word for taking big things and making them small is « compaction ». 

Well, we string theorists are just a little bit cooler then you « real scientists. »  We’re not taking some obsidian and making it smaller (like my roommate, the geologist, and one of the laughers), we’re making goddamned extra dimensions smaller…

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