Axioms of Parmenides

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Plato-DualismIn Plato’s analogy of the divided line we’re told that we can only ever have opinions or doxa about the physical world.  What is fascinating here is his reasoning.  The reason that we can only have knowledge of the physical world, according to Plato, is not because everyone perceives or interprets things differently.  The issue here isn’t about some subjectivism or relativism at the heart of how minds relate to reality.  Rather, it is built into the very fabric of physical reality, not the mind that regards to that reality, that it can only be a domain of opinion.  Because everything in physical reality is doomed to change or becoming, what is true of a physical being now becomes false later.

927b90c9fce2746a0c1f092a72c09d19I say « the rose is red ».  This can only ever be an opinion, according to Plato, not because someone else might see or interpret it differently or…

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