The mystery of 7244 Laverne Terrace, Laurel Canyon: Wild space, trophies, and getting into deep trouble in The Big Sleep (1946). Part 1.


Rev., September 17, 2016.

Of the many pleasures of The Big Sleep (1946) the relaxed, but, then, also tense spatial dynamics of its imagining of the city of Los Angeles is very high on the list. It’s fair to argue that the ambience and atmosphere created by the psychogeographic dimensions of how the plot is spaced out in LA is primarily responsible for the dynamic momentum of the movie. The fun thing is that there is downtown LA, where everything seems quaint, but, then, open-ended in an odd way. Then there is a strange in-between zone, between the city and the country, where some not great things also happen. And, finally, there is the far out country, where danger lies, people hide out and nefarious doings are afoot. In each zone, there are peculiarities of passage, of entry and exit. One does get the impression that the movie is set…

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