The mystery of 7244 Laverne Terrace, Laurel Canyon: Wild space, trophies, and getting into deep trouble in The Big Sleep (1946). Part 2.


This piece continues from part 1, in a previous post.

Rev., September 17, 2016.

7244 Laverne Terrace, Laurel Canyon, in The Big Sleep (1946) is, to me, one of the most special places in all 1940s movies. Why? Why do I like this strange little house so much? What purpose does it serve, and why it is so central to the movie? The house is visited often in the movie, in fact, it could be said that the movie is woven in and out of the house.

In the beginning, Bogey meets up with the bad daughter there, and they have a talk

lav-1in that same scene, he meets Mars for the first time, and there is a very strange territorial nature conversation as each is wondering how and why the other is there, or how they are connected to whatever is going on

lav-2I want to point out that…

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