The Orginal Pre-Release Edit of The Big Sleep – 1945

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The Big Sleep Pre-Release Edit

My Review

—Same Great Film with a New Flavor— 

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Director:  Howard Hawks

The Lowdown

It’s the same plot as the 1946 theatrical release, so if you need the lowdown, check out my original post here.

What I Thought

Revisiting this classic with new and re-edited scenes has been done quite a bit on the web, so if you really want a great write up, check out Roger Ebert’s review that gives an insightful overview of the major differences in the two versions of the film.  For this post though, I’m just going to stick with my gut instincts on the initial reactions that I had to the major differences in this earlier edit.

With World War II coming to a close, The Big Sleep sat on the shelf at Warner Brothers for a year as its release was postponed until all…

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