I drink your milkshake !

L' homme européen Résistance idéaliste

Le texte de cette fin du film « There Will be blood », sans doute le plus grand film de ce début du 21 eme siècle, est ici :


« Eli Sunday: I’ll make us a drink. Oh, your home is a miracle. It’s beautiful. God bless it. I’ve been spreading His Word far and wide, far and wide. So much travel for Him. I’ve been working in radio. Yes, so much, so much has been happening. To be here and find you and see you well is wonderful. And we have a chance to catch up!
[Eli offers Plainview whiskey]
Plainview: No, thank you so much.
Eli Sunday: Ah, my brother. Daniel, my brother by marriage. We’re such old friends. So much time. [pause] Things go up, things go down, but at least the Lord is always around. We’ve seen ups and downs, haven’t we?
Plainview: Are things down for you…

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